Dancing For the Lord!

Everyday we wake up and face many different events, people, and challenges. Especially as Christians, for the Bible says we will face trials. However, I known when I take the first moments of waking and last minutes before bed in conversation with the Lord, through prayer, there is a greater peace about my life. The chaos and trails and troubles are still there no doubt! Yet I sleep better and my days go more smoothly when I do it with God!

Mark 1 35

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

This is how I can dance. I do it with  God and for God. Sometimes in complete worship, other times for my health, and other times just for the pure passion of being able to move my body after a few days in pain and finally being able to just feel my body move. Pure thanks to God in those  moments!

Dancing is a challenge to any body, to mine it is a miracle! Therefore I will continue to Dance for the Lord !

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Here are some photos from my most recent adventure! Group Dancing performance!!

Praying for all those who have a love for Dance and/or suffering. Turn to God today, lay your dreams/passions at His feet! May the Glory be His!! Amen!


Group up

I love dancing solo. I love the freedom to dance unplanned, feel the music, and if I mess up I just wing it until I get back into the motions and moves I aimed. As people, this is easy to do in life. We get into our routine. We get set on our way and easily aggravated if something or someone dares to interfere.  Some may not be as ridged to a schedule but even the lack there of a a schedule can be hindered by someones else’s need or push for rigidity.From work to down time, from chores to parking spaces, the tension can easily rise as interactions with others effect our plans and our routines.

Nevertheless, we as Christian’s are called to work in unity. We are called to be the hands and feet. We have each been gifted different gifts to function as parts of a whole body. The separate parts work for the good of the whole. So hard to make happen sometimes, right? Seriously, is it that difficult to pick up said item or to be ready to leave at said time. Then countered by the person who cannot understand why you have to be so darn pushy you’ll take all the joy out of the room! And on and on. But the reality,and truth spoken in the Bible, is when we work in unity greatness for God’s glory happens. True collaboration in life, work, sports, and yes! dancing, brings about beauty.  A good machine has parts the work together. A good sports team has both offense and defense; both strong and fast with the coach working the sidelines keeping it all in motion.  Unity is one of the best places Christian’s can really shine.

I have been working on a group dance formation. I am certainly in over my head with steps that are above my level of ballroom dance, yet it has been a blast seeing such varied people come together with the same passion, dance. All ages, all walks of life, colorful personalities. And as the questions arise and the the discord threatens there has been one thing that has stood with this group. People respecting others, respecting the position they hold, and above all else the main intention, which is to make the routine come together and have a great performance rang priority. Please respectfully assisted, coached, asked, and collaborated to come up with tweaks and a willingness to support and help was universally demonstrated. I has been an amazing experience. All for a love of dance.

What if Christian’s came together with that same unity but for an even stronger passion, for a greater reward; saving of lives. Could you imagine how much Satan would hate that and how much Glory God would receive from the display of unity, collaboration, and the over all mindset to put God’s purpose and love about any chance of discord? My call to action this night is that we as Christian’s group up and shine the light of Jesus on the world through our daily interactions with the world. Learning to see every moment as a step in a dance of life in a beautiful group formation to bring Glory to God and proclaim His love to the lost.

Chin up, smile, work in-sync and with your best foot forward. Let’s Dance!


As humans we have this inner need for connecting with others. Some even more so than others or that is what they would like you to believe. Truth is we all need to feel connected. Why? Because God created us this way. He developed in us an innate desire to love and be loved. Above all else He is the real connection we  need.

In ballroom, the man leads and the woman follows. As a girl I grew up doing gymnastics and individual dance. Do not get me wrong I learned on the barre or with a spot but once I got a skill I learned to do it independently. How does this relate to ballroom? Truth is, it is the exact opposite! Everything in me desires to perform, learn the steps, than take off on my own. I am quickly understanding (and much slower learning) that this cannot work in ballroom. Ballroom works with one very specific thing; did you guess it? It is connection. Yep, that is the foundation of a the beautiful, in sync, couple sweeping across the dance floor. They have developed the connected required.This connection in ballroom is applied pressure between both partners. Since the male leads, He decided which moves to do, which direction to go, and pushes and pulls the female along to make these dance moves flow. As the female she must also be pressing into the connection on her own so that she can feel and see the signals given as to what she is to do next.

As a female, in ballroom I am having to learn to stop keeping my distance and relying on my own moves.  My coach has me close my eyes press against his hands as he guides me in different directions through shifting his pressure against my hands. Oh it frustrates me! lol And as I was venting this concern with a fellow female ballroom dancer, I did not get patted on the back or elbowed with “oh i understand.” Nope she simple looked at me and said,” I struggled with that. And then one day it dawned on me, I take care of every other aspect of my life. I have to make decisions for everything else. Once I let go and lost the need to control it was so freeing.”  I could not tell you if this lovely lady is a Christian or not, I have only seen her a few times and usually we are both caught up in dancing with different partners, but her words meant to mentor me with letting go on the dance floor resonated more with my walk with Christ.

God created us to desire connection. Connection with Him is the greatest gift. He is there to lead us through this life. Yet we have to let go and let God! If it can be freeing to go an hour at dance class with a gentleman making the decisions and you just following along and dancing in joy, just imagine if you could give your entire life all your worries to someone else and simply enjoy the ride? You still have to keep that connection and follow through with the steps He is guiding you to do next, but the planning, the worries, the direction, and avoiding collision with others is all taken care of by Him? Well truth is it is exactly what God has called us to do. Lay down our lives for Him. 365 times the Bible say Do not worry or be afraid. Why because if we keep that connection and follow Him; we only have to enjoy the dance.

Connection with God today in Prayer. Lay your worries at the cross. Lift up your heart and hear the worship of your soul as you allow Him to Lead you.

Getting back up

Gymnastics coaches know, the first thing to teach a kid learning gymnastics, is how to fall. Sounds crazy since the idea in gymnastics is to hit an amazing routine without falling. But the truth is, a gymnast falls hundreds of times before they get that routine. Second thing you learn is lots and lots of strength training. Hours of it before you begin to practice falling. Then how in the world are young girls so drawn to a sport where you fall and have to do hours a pain grueling strength training?

I can tell you even after 12 years, I still miss gymnastics. I was not even that amazing at it. Decent but nothing special. So I can tell you it was not because it was easy, not because of the fame nor even a scholarship came out of it. Nope. But I loved it. And I believe one of the greatest parts. You got another shot to fly through the arm, you have a strong voice (coach) harping on you to put your head in, pull up your gut, for goodness sakes straighten your leg! And though those remarks may come as critical to others they were words of encouragement and push. Because there is one thing you know. Coach will not teach you something until you have proven ready to learn it. So there is this unspoken knowledge that even though they sound harsh and maybe getting frustrated that you are not fixing the error they are trying so desperately to teach you, you know they believe in you. As you miss that bar again and land on the mat smelling the puff of chalk and sigh deeply knowing you missed it again. You much yourself up because getting back up means you took a chance. It means you get another chance.

In gymnastics, the flips, flying through the air, the strength and power you are mastering in a collaboration of efforts. But above all else you have to get back up when you fall. Kerri Strug probably demonstrated this better than anyone else with her memorable vault at the 1996 Olympic Games.

So how does gymnastics and getting back up relate to my normal blog of dancing and Fibromyalsia. Well one dance requires the same strength getting back up as falls are part of the learning curve. So that is simple to correlate. And for those suffering with Fibromyalsia, my great advice today is get back up.

The years of pain and waiting for the diagnosis. The loss of relationships, the isolation, the pain, and severe mental anguish. . . Choose today to fight that! Become a fighter against your Fibromyalsia! Getting back up means there is hope, means that there is another chance at life. It may be different, somethings are going to have to change to master this maneuver, but take me words like a coach to a gymnast. Get up!! And find your regime to a healthier stronger fulling life .

  1. Claim a passion in the name of the Lord
  2. Pick a light exercise method you enjoy
  3. Keep at least one social event a week
  4. Forgive yourself and let go of guilt
  5. Keep getting up!

God bless!

Stepping. . . out in Faith

One two three a one two three and a one two three. . . counts my instructor around the dance floor of my fourth ballroom lesson. I am learning to listen to the counts and make the new steps all the while following his lead. It is vastly different from the bracing to a barre or looking at yourself in a mirror while learning new steps. There is no chance to look in the mirror and my instructor has become my moving frame and base. I travel backwards most of the time and have to trust where he is leading me. Also, since I am the newbie here, it is me I who is loosing count and missing a step or two. My instructor is full of patience. But better then the patience is the encouragement. It has been so long since I have heard words like these. Uplifting,  moving, and they bring a smile to my face; partially because I scarcely believe them but also because I can feel with each new step and move that it could actually be true.  Am I really picking this up quickly? Do I really move with grace across the floor? You think I would be able to perform in a month? What?!

As the lesson ends, I am on cloud nine. Elated with such joy that I had learned steps in Tango, Rumba, ChaCha, Foxtrot, and Waltz. Then the point came. My beautiful gift had come to the end and the realization of now beginning to pay for this was to ensue. But I was not prepare for the expense expected. There is no way! I could never afford that! God why?!!? in my temper tantrum in the car as tears rolled from my eyes. Why do I love things that I cannot afford and people that do not love me back?!?! Why am I such a waste and a disaster?! Why can I not be contempt with average and why do I so deeply desire extravagant, passion, and achievement? Why born a pauper with the refinement in my soul for a princess? The divide has torn at my soul my whole life. I was red in the eyes and devastated by the time I pulled up to pick up my children. I  sighed deeply and resounded myself to the life that I have been given. Determined to go through my thankful list to change my attitude.

Later that night though in prayer I still felt the same! I needed to vent, so I turned to Facebook and broke out the words of my upset! WHY? What is wrong with me that I do not deserve that or that I cannot just be content with the simple something has to GIVE!! I felt in my hear the desires and I knew, I know, God will give you the desires of your heart so what am I doing so wrongly? I have given my heart, my soul, my life , my everything to you! I trust you and I want nothing less then to give you your will through me. Why do I still fall for the wrong people to love and still desire these things that I cannot afford?

The next day I walked back in there and almost begged for some unorthodox way to continue. . . “never give up on something you can not go a day without thinking about” Well gosh darn it! I want to Dance. I want to continue to partner dance! I got a call later and though the price is still steep it is practically a miracle from what they have asked of me before.. I said a quick prayer and said Yes!! I am stepping out on faith with this one. I know my heart is the Lord’s and I have given my dancing completely to Him. If it is something He wishes to use for His will then I will rejoice in every step even movement. If it ends up being a season then I will rejoice in this season and then afterwards for the blessing is has played in my life. I will however not give up on something that I cannot go a day without thinking about. And I will step out of the boat into faith. If Faith can move mountains , then this one is going to dance right out of my way!

Glory to God in the highest! I will dance and Rejoice. My steps in Faith.

Doing what you love

Over the years I have heard it said so many times: “Do what you love, love what you do.”  I always wanted to believe it but the realist in me (and my lack of self confidence) always gave me the practical turn around. I avoided many situations, settled for the easy way or what seemed safe and practical. I do not live with regret. Contrary, I have many amazing tales. Nonetheless, I know, without a doubt, I made many choices towards the safe side.  Sadly,  a lot of major life choices where made before I was saved. Some of these seemed safe or good but really where emotion based, fear based, or the worst, selfish.

After I was baptized, I would love to say I made amazing choices and live wonderful carefree life! Nope. I have had to overcome a lot of things. One, the situation I was in when I final made the choice to give my life to God. It did not magically change. God worked amazing things though, and I could see His hand and blessings through ever turn and dark place. As I move from the valley of the lows and wrong choices, my bigger challenge is learning to make choices based on what God wants. I am willing. I want to be living a God driven life. I am starting to see that living for God does not mean you will be working a miserable job, being a doormat for others, nor being stuck doing stuff you hate. NOT AT ALL! The beautiful thing is God made you to be YOU! Because He wants to use you and Loves you as He created YOU!

What does that mean?! For me  it is an act of faith. I want to live , worship, and serve God. Currently, I am working a job where I feel important but it is not my greatest passion. However, I can see it as a stepping stone. I know that I am learning to trust God with things that are stepping stones. Daily I am learning skills I need for the job I really want. I also gave my love of dancing over to God. In doing so, the doors are opening , my skills are improving, and I am dancing! Which is amazing. It is the only time I feel free  and I feel closer to God. Give to God what you love. Do what you Love, but do it for God not for fame or the world. Do what you love and you will feel God. You will feel God because you are giving your best to Him. A great act of love and worship!

Psalm: 37:4

New Living Translation
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.

King James Bible
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Darby Bible Translation
and delight thyself in Jehovah, and he will give thee the desires of thy heart.

World English Bible
Also delight yourself in Yahweh, and he will give you the desires of your heart.


Back in the Studio

Wow time has certainly flown by! I knew it had been a while since I had had a chance to write let alone dance, but seeing my last post date I feel rather saddened. I am sorry it has been so long!! Well to make excuses without really trying to I simply have had A LOT going on! Beginning of a new school year as a teacher is always CRAZY! Add to that one of my kids started kindergarten, on top that add a new school with a very different group of Exceptional Ed students, and oh man the stories and the hours and the exhaustion! I also had allowed myself to get caught up in a romance I thought was going to be the one! I know hopeless romantic here.  Nevertheless the season has passed. The first nine weeks are at an end, the relationship has pretty much fizzled out from his side, and I have once again dove head first into GOD’s arms as a blubbering mess. He once again has lifted me up from my exhausted emotional state and gave me another amazing opportunity (well actually two!!)  So without further adieu here is my second day back in the studio!!

Lyrical in the Studio


Confidence in Christ

Look up! Look up! Shoulders down, pull in your stomach, do not poke out your ribs, and look up! Stop looking at the floor. Show off the dance!

You may recognize these words when it come to dancing. Learning to be confident and look up while dancing a huge step for many. You want to count the beats, or watch where your feet may land, or even just not sure enough in yourself to look up and see people watching you! But the truth is the dance is always better when you present it. Even when you miss a step or you over turn and now going the wrong direction, people are drawn to the dance when they see the expression and confidence in the dancer.

As a Christian, I am starting to learn, this is also true! People are draw to your life when you have confidence. I have been struggling many trials and things have been hard. For the last two years (yes it has taken me sometime to finally learn this no judging lol)  I have been puzzled by how the heck am I to be joy filled, ministering, giving, serving, etc. when I can barely even take care of myself, and sometimes absolutely unable to?!?  I learned to give from what I had. I had a free Friday, no money or baby sitter to go out, but I could watch someone else child for them to go out and enjoy. Even when I was given food or bought food with food stamps, I gave a portion of that to another in need as well. Then I learned to minister the good news, the scriptures from my phone on Facebook or send them in a text to someone I knew was also struggling.  Serving, heck I can not find time to go to the big serving events, or volunteer all the time, but when I am at a friends I will help clean up a little bit because I know how hard it is to keep up with the house and a house full of wild children! I learned that the little things meant something, even more was people took notice. I was not shy about letting everyone know I was struggling, I had no shame in my circumstance, but I also knew God was working miracles. But it was in the giving i did people saw the goodness of God. They knew I had little, so how would I give when I barely had enough. Simply, God is my provider. He will cover my needs and I know this with all my heart. I trust Him with my needs. I am blessed.

But here was the kicker. I was still struggling, I was still stressed and worried. And even up to a few weeks ago, I was still tired. Tired of always being the one in need. How do you minister joy and trust when you feel under constant attack?  SO Had a few days of Rest at the beach and learned that rest was not only a beautiful thing that some get the pleasure of, but that God called all of us to take it. Even the struggling single mom whose house and to do list never ends, rest. Then I came home ready to dive back into the word. Therefore I came across this sermon from Joyce Meyers. It speaks to confidence in Christ. It dawned on me. This this lesson from the dance class, Look up! Needed to apply to my life (my dance) with Christ. I know these things in my heart, I try to do good works in my everyday when I am able, but I need to Look UP! Present myself as the daughter of the King I am!

Joyce Meyers Seven Secrets of a confident woman


  1. Rooted in God, you are loved

2.Confess your past, what is held in secret keeps you bond

3.Step out of the boat


Dear Lord God,

Please help heal my heart and soul from the words of the past. Allow me to see and know I am loved by you, excepting that fact to be the Truth. Lord I confess I have sinned, that I have tried to do things my way and I have strayed from your guidance. Please forgive me. Guide me. Lord, today I am going to step out of this darn boat! I am looking to you, I may waiver but Lord I trust in You not myself and I am going to walk on Water with You! May my confidence shine to the world because of You in my heart, soul, mind, and spirit.



Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

After a week of a high flare, my body and mind were exhausted! I prayed and prayed and cried and prayed. Then I got a call from a friend who had to cut their vacation short, but the timeshare was already set out for a week. So yes, she gave me the the three nights left at her timeshare right on the beach! I packed up my kids, some bathing suits, and drove down there in a heart beat! I turned off the phone and stepped away from the internet. I opened my bible and listened to the crashing of waves!  I enjoyed my kids. I enjoyed the sun, the sea shells even the sand. But the best part was I allowed myself to rest.  I gave myself true rest. I cried to God about the things I was struggling with. I laid down my heart breaks and self esteem issues. I became raw and honest more so than I had in a long time. And you know what happened? Peace. Renewed strength. Renewed faith. Mostly a renewed relationship with God the Father, The Comforter, Provider, Protector.

Rest is an important part of our lives. It is not just a luxury but a gift from God for all.  We are told to keep it, to take it

Exodus 20:8-11 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

I believe in today’s worldly view we are push to never stop. This my be a ploy to keep up from the Truth. Take a step of faith today if you are feeling weary or tired. Find some time to rest without guilt. To enjoy God and use it as an act of faith. The dishes, the house, the bills, the dancing, anything on your to do list. . It will get done in God’s timing. But take the rest add it to your life and feel your faith move mountains!!


Genesis 2: 2-3 “And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.”