Group up

I love dancing solo. I love the freedom to dance unplanned, feel the music, and if I mess up I just wing it until I get back into the motions and moves I aimed. As people, this is easy to do in life. We get into our routine. We get set on our way and easily aggravated if something or someone dares to interfere.  Some may not be as ridged to a schedule but even the lack there of a a schedule can be hindered by someones else’s need or push for rigidity.From work to down time, from chores to parking spaces, the tension can easily rise as interactions with others effect our plans and our routines.

Nevertheless, we as Christian’s are called to work in unity. We are called to be the hands and feet. We have each been gifted different gifts to function as parts of a whole body. The separate parts work for the good of the whole. So hard to make happen sometimes, right? Seriously, is it that difficult to pick up said item or to be ready to leave at said time. Then countered by the person who cannot understand why you have to be so darn pushy you’ll take all the joy out of the room! And on and on. But the reality,and truth spoken in the Bible, is when we work in unity greatness for God’s glory happens. True collaboration in life, work, sports, and yes! dancing, brings about beauty.  A good machine has parts the work together. A good sports team has both offense and defense; both strong and fast with the coach working the sidelines keeping it all in motion.  Unity is one of the best places Christian’s can really shine.

I have been working on a group dance formation. I am certainly in over my head with steps that are above my level of ballroom dance, yet it has been a blast seeing such varied people come together with the same passion, dance. All ages, all walks of life, colorful personalities. And as the questions arise and the the discord threatens there has been one thing that has stood with this group. People respecting others, respecting the position they hold, and above all else the main intention, which is to make the routine come together and have a great performance rang priority. Please respectfully assisted, coached, asked, and collaborated to come up with tweaks and a willingness to support and help was universally demonstrated. I has been an amazing experience. All for a love of dance.

What if Christian’s came together with that same unity but for an even stronger passion, for a greater reward; saving of lives. Could you imagine how much Satan would hate that and how much Glory God would receive from the display of unity, collaboration, and the over all mindset to put God’s purpose and love about any chance of discord? My call to action this night is that we as Christian’s group up and shine the light of Jesus on the world through our daily interactions with the world. Learning to see every moment as a step in a dance of life in a beautiful group formation to bring Glory to God and proclaim His love to the lost.

Chin up, smile, work in-sync and with your best foot forward. Let’s Dance!


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