As humans we have this inner need for connecting with others. Some even more so than others or that is what they would like you to believe. Truth is we all need to feel connected. Why? Because God created us this way. He developed in us an innate desire to love and be loved. Above all else He is the real connection we  need.

In ballroom, the man leads and the woman follows. As a girl I grew up doing gymnastics and individual dance. Do not get me wrong I learned on the barre or with a spot but once I got a skill I learned to do it independently. How does this relate to ballroom? Truth is, it is the exact opposite! Everything in me desires to perform, learn the steps, than take off on my own. I am quickly understanding (and much slower learning) that this cannot work in ballroom. Ballroom works with one very specific thing; did you guess it? It is connection. Yep, that is the foundation of a the beautiful, in sync, couple sweeping across the dance floor. They have developed the connected required.This connection in ballroom is applied pressure between both partners. Since the male leads, He decided which moves to do, which direction to go, and pushes and pulls the female along to make these dance moves flow. As the female she must also be pressing into the connection on her own so that she can feel and see the signals given as to what she is to do next.

As a female, in ballroom I am having to learn to stop keeping my distance and relying on my own moves.  My coach has me close my eyes press against his hands as he guides me in different directions through shifting his pressure against my hands. Oh it frustrates me! lol And as I was venting this concern with a fellow female ballroom dancer, I did not get patted on the back or elbowed with “oh i understand.” Nope she simple looked at me and said,” I struggled with that. And then one day it dawned on me, I take care of every other aspect of my life. I have to make decisions for everything else. Once I let go and lost the need to control it was so freeing.”  I could not tell you if this lovely lady is a Christian or not, I have only seen her a few times and usually we are both caught up in dancing with different partners, but her words meant to mentor me with letting go on the dance floor resonated more with my walk with Christ.

God created us to desire connection. Connection with Him is the greatest gift. He is there to lead us through this life. Yet we have to let go and let God! If it can be freeing to go an hour at dance class with a gentleman making the decisions and you just following along and dancing in joy, just imagine if you could give your entire life all your worries to someone else and simply enjoy the ride? You still have to keep that connection and follow through with the steps He is guiding you to do next, but the planning, the worries, the direction, and avoiding collision with others is all taken care of by Him? Well truth is it is exactly what God has called us to do. Lay down our lives for Him. 365 times the Bible say Do not worry or be afraid. Why because if we keep that connection and follow Him; we only have to enjoy the dance.

Connection with God today in Prayer. Lay your worries at the cross. Lift up your heart and hear the worship of your soul as you allow Him to Lead you.


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