Getting back up

Gymnastics coaches know, the first thing to teach a kid learning gymnastics, is how to fall. Sounds crazy since the idea in gymnastics is to hit an amazing routine without falling. But the truth is, a gymnast falls hundreds of times before they get that routine. Second thing you learn is lots and lots of strength training. Hours of it before you begin to practice falling. Then how in the world are young girls so drawn to a sport where you fall and have to do hours a pain grueling strength training?

I can tell you even after 12 years, I still miss gymnastics. I was not even that amazing at it. Decent but nothing special. So I can tell you it was not because it was easy, not because of the fame nor even a scholarship came out of it. Nope. But I loved it. And I believe one of the greatest parts. You got another shot to fly through the arm, you have a strong voice (coach) harping on you to put your head in, pull up your gut, for goodness sakes straighten your leg! And though those remarks may come as critical to others they were words of encouragement and push. Because there is one thing you know. Coach will not teach you something until you have proven ready to learn it. So there is this unspoken knowledge that even though they sound harsh and maybe getting frustrated that you are not fixing the error they are trying so desperately to teach you, you know they believe in you. As you miss that bar again and land on the mat smelling the puff of chalk and sigh deeply knowing you missed it again. You much yourself up because getting back up means you took a chance. It means you get another chance.

In gymnastics, the flips, flying through the air, the strength and power you are mastering in a collaboration of efforts. But above all else you have to get back up when you fall. Kerri Strug probably demonstrated this better than anyone else with her memorable vault at the 1996 Olympic Games.

So how does gymnastics and getting back up relate to my normal blog of dancing and Fibromyalsia. Well one dance requires the same strength getting back up as falls are part of the learning curve. So that is simple to correlate. And for those suffering with Fibromyalsia, my great advice today is get back up.

The years of pain and waiting for the diagnosis. The loss of relationships, the isolation, the pain, and severe mental anguish. . . Choose today to fight that! Become a fighter against your Fibromyalsia! Getting back up means there is hope, means that there is another chance at life. It may be different, somethings are going to have to change to master this maneuver, but take me words like a coach to a gymnast. Get up!! And find your regime to a healthier stronger fulling life .

  1. Claim a passion in the name of the Lord
  2. Pick a light exercise method you enjoy
  3. Keep at least one social event a week
  4. Forgive yourself and let go of guilt
  5. Keep getting up!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Getting back up

    • godsdancegirl says:

      I am sorry that your girlfriend has been suffering with Fibro. Thankful she has you by her side looking for support! It is a hard daily battle, but when you have support, encouragement, unconditional love it is a battle we fibro fighters can endure. Some days are harder than others but it is always a struggle. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment! God bless 🙂


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