Back in the Studio

Wow time has certainly flown by! I knew it had been a while since I had had a chance to write let alone dance, but seeing my last post date I feel rather saddened. I am sorry it has been so long!! Well to make excuses without really trying to I simply have had A LOT going on! Beginning of a new school year as a teacher is always CRAZY! Add to that one of my kids started kindergarten, on top that add a new school with a very different group of Exceptional Ed students, and oh man the stories and the hours and the exhaustion! I also had allowed myself to get caught up in a romance I thought was going to be the one! I know hopeless romantic here.  Nevertheless the season has passed. The first nine weeks are at an end, the relationship has pretty much fizzled out from his side, and I have once again dove head first into GOD’s arms as a blubbering mess. He once again has lifted me up from my exhausted emotional state and gave me another amazing opportunity (well actually two!!)  So without further adieu here is my second day back in the studio!!

Lyrical in the Studio



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