Confidence in Christ

Look up! Look up! Shoulders down, pull in your stomach, do not poke out your ribs, and look up! Stop looking at the floor. Show off the dance!

You may recognize these words when it come to dancing. Learning to be confident and look up while dancing a huge step for many. You want to count the beats, or watch where your feet may land, or even just not sure enough in yourself to look up and see people watching you! But the truth is the dance is always better when you present it. Even when you miss a step or you over turn and now going the wrong direction, people are drawn to the dance when they see the expression and confidence in the dancer.

As a Christian, I am starting to learn, this is also true! People are draw to your life when you have confidence. I have been struggling many trials and things have been hard. For the last two years (yes it has taken me sometime to finally learn this no judging lol)  I have been puzzled by how the heck am I to be joy filled, ministering, giving, serving, etc. when I can barely even take care of myself, and sometimes absolutely unable to?!?  I learned to give from what I had. I had a free Friday, no money or baby sitter to go out, but I could watch someone else child for them to go out and enjoy. Even when I was given food or bought food with food stamps, I gave a portion of that to another in need as well. Then I learned to minister the good news, the scriptures from my phone on Facebook or send them in a text to someone I knew was also struggling.  Serving, heck I can not find time to go to the big serving events, or volunteer all the time, but when I am at a friends I will help clean up a little bit because I know how hard it is to keep up with the house and a house full of wild children! I learned that the little things meant something, even more was people took notice. I was not shy about letting everyone know I was struggling, I had no shame in my circumstance, but I also knew God was working miracles. But it was in the giving i did people saw the goodness of God. They knew I had little, so how would I give when I barely had enough. Simply, God is my provider. He will cover my needs and I know this with all my heart. I trust Him with my needs. I am blessed.

But here was the kicker. I was still struggling, I was still stressed and worried. And even up to a few weeks ago, I was still tired. Tired of always being the one in need. How do you minister joy and trust when you feel under constant attack?  SO Had a few days of Rest at the beach and learned that rest was not only a beautiful thing that some get the pleasure of, but that God called all of us to take it. Even the struggling single mom whose house and to do list never ends, rest. Then I came home ready to dive back into the word. Therefore I came across this sermon from Joyce Meyers. It speaks to confidence in Christ. It dawned on me. This this lesson from the dance class, Look up! Needed to apply to my life (my dance) with Christ. I know these things in my heart, I try to do good works in my everyday when I am able, but I need to Look UP! Present myself as the daughter of the King I am!

Joyce Meyers Seven Secrets of a confident woman


  1. Rooted in God, you are loved

2.Confess your past, what is held in secret keeps you bond

3.Step out of the boat


Dear Lord God,

Please help heal my heart and soul from the words of the past. Allow me to see and know I am loved by you, excepting that fact to be the Truth. Lord I confess I have sinned, that I have tried to do things my way and I have strayed from your guidance. Please forgive me. Guide me. Lord, today I am going to step out of this darn boat! I am looking to you, I may waiver but Lord I trust in You not myself and I am going to walk on Water with You! May my confidence shine to the world because of You in my heart, soul, mind, and spirit.



One thought on “Confidence in Christ

  1. Martin Amer says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart!
    there are many lessons that we will learn in life, I know that there are times where the flesh gets the best of me I am learning day-by-day that I need to crucify it sometimes every second of the day. I am also learning to step out of the boat, stepping out in faith is sometimes difficult but I know it is needed to see God move. I know that your passion for dance has led you to greater things and I know that God is pleased with you and all areas of your walk. I pray that God will continue to show you his will his love his passion for intimate relationship with you and that he would give you rest on a regular basis. Thank you again for sharing your blog I have been reading and then as they get posted you are a great source of encouragement especially as a single mother I have been through the last two years walking with you through some of this so I know exactly how difficult it has been. May God continue to bless you and your children, provide for you everything that you need not want but need, and I pray that he gives you the strength to keep moving forward in obedience doing everything to the glory of God.


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