Finding you, Lord

Over the past three years I have been a on a roller-coaster of trials. I have overcome abandonment, miscarriage, high risk pregnancy, poverty, threat of homelessness, lost of friendships and mentors, not to mention bed rest from not being able to walk for three weeks, and a multitude of smaller trials with child care, children having issues with minor health things, etc.

It has been a very rough path.

But I do not say this to discourage you. I am not here for a pity party or a to be negative or depressing. Contrary, the point is I have OVERCOME! With strength and guidance of the Lord I have climbed and ran, fallen and scooted and pushed through I all. When those told me I was wrong, crazy, lazy, weak, too stressed, not motivated enough. When they called me names behind my back. When they whispered of my failures, when they pointed all I should be doing and nothing encouraging to what I was doing. God was there. He knows every tear, He knows every struggle and every dream. I pursued Him when the world fell around me. The towers of dreams and goals fell. The people I loved turned their backs and became mockers of me. Those I worked my butt off for and excelled in my job shut the door in my face without reasoning to my work ethnic or productivity.

Nonetheless, God never moved. He never left. God was beside me and for me. I believe He is moving in our lives always. When I laid down my burdens at the foot o the cross is when He began to speak to me. I do not believe we are meant to suffer through this life. There will be trials, that is guaranteed, but with God, who has over come the world, we are promised so much more. Peace, wisdom, a plan and a purpose, are a few thing but also to sore on the wings of the eagles.

Dear God,

Thank you for letting me find you. Though you have always been there beside me and for me. Though you have never forsaken me. That you have patiently been waiting for me. Thank you for letting me find you Lord.

Once I was flat on my back in the lowest time of my life, I was able to look up for once. There He was. Just where He had always been. Carrying me through the darkest of nights, hardest of days. I grew to let go. Finding the Lord changed me, changed my life. I am far from perfect, but I am better, stronger, and more peaceful. I have fears and anxieties, but I can give them to Him. I have trials and hardships, but I do not carry them alone. Finding the Lord in the eye of the storm, saved me.


Find You On My Knees – Kari Jobe


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