I just want to dance

It is summer time! Well of course not officially by the calendar but as far as school being out it is.  This year I am excited to have a summer off! An entire two months without having to work because that is the beauty of busting your butt off all year long as a teacher! That being said the teacher in me kicked off the day today  with a list of things I want to accomplish this week and have the summer planned out. Or maybe it is the planner in me. I do not know the kids area all done up like a mini preschool, lesson plans in the works, goals, ideas etc. I have people I am dying to spend time with and sun to lay in and renew my mind and body from this state of eternal stress and regulations. I knew teaching was hard, my momma was a teacher. But gosh as a single mom with two under five, a chronic illness to boot, oh man it was tough on the soul. Nevertheless, Our God is good and not only did I make it through, my students where doing so well. My heart broke when I got told I was not being reappointed. No joke. I bawled for days. I love those kids. The amount of love and energy that went into every day with them. The patience, dedication, study, trials, and time I poured  paid off to see them happy, comfortable, excelling, and learning. I will miss them. I am comforted fact that God has a plan for each of us, but I will miss them.

SO time with my kids, plans, goals, fun etc. but the truth is, I just want to dance! Do not get me wrong the idea of time with my kids thrills me! The hugs, learning, jokes, laughs, tears, and everything that I feel like I have been missing not being home with them as I had originally intended will be deeply cherished. Yet, there is this deep passion in me that wants to be free with the music, allowing my body to loose itself in movement, and surrender the pain in front of the cross!  I have been in prayer over finding more time and more help with watching the kiddos. If you could keep me in your prayers s well I would appreciate it, so I can just dance more! Our God is good, dancing for HIM is my hearts desire right now!

This summer I am hoping to start

1.) Dancing at least once a week in a studio

2.) Start ballroom dancing with a dear friend of mine

3.) Write more; spend more in the word and writing

Right not know the plans God for me. These three things are my goals or hopes. I m excited to continue to write and see where God decides to take me on this journey!

God Bless!



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