Oh my gosh – I love dance!

Ok so it has been two weeks since I was able to attend a dance class. Tonight I thought I was not going to be able to make it again. Frustrated and disappointed, I prayed.

Learning to be content with the here and now, as well as God plan for my future, is something Inreally have been laying down on the foot of the cross. I have done this pretty much daily for the last two years. I am a planner. I make choices and I push to see them come to play. I love designing events, even doing lesson plans for my classroom. But in my life, learning to hand it over to God has been hard.

Notheless it is freeing! Needless to say, God worked it out and I was at my dance class tonight! Lyrical and it was so much fun! I certainly need to work on engage my lower core, but it just felt amazing to be in the studio and dancing!

God is so Good! Trust Him today with the desires of your heart, and just watch the  beautiful way He moves.

P.S. I love dancing!


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