Getting started

So. . .

Getting started has been hard. Best part so far is using some well saved money to buy some dance essentials. Also a few items I hope will help me get a little extra edge at home since I won’t be able to be Ina studio practicing daily. (This is of course due to being a full time working single mom of little kids with limited income)

Dance bag building fun!

  1. Hair ties, Bobby pins and a hair net!
  2. Tights, Leo, and some Capri dance pants (ballet and jazz ready)
  3. shoes, I already had ballet flats but they are super slippery for jazz and lyrical combos so I bought some I am hoping will be safer lol and much better for turning then bare feet.
  4. A TurnBoard! I am not skilled in turns one and two are decent but more then that and I’m falling all over. This fun board helps you practice sporting and support/posture. I’m not amazing but I can certainly feel the difference in one week.
  5. Rolling foam for body. This helps deep message tissues and knots. . .an absolute must for my body. Also a messaging foot roller. Didn’t know how many muscles where in your feet until you begin to dance. You can also use a tennis ball (which I have at work for those few rare breaks off my feet.
  6. Leg warmer and dance boots. Not absolutes but again for my body the more warmed up my joints and muscles are the better my poor Fibro body will do.

I certainly prayed a lot over these items because I felt like I was splurging on none essentials. It is so deeply on my heart to begin this journey to dance. I also had to be honest with my bodies weaknesses, safety and care where essential to doing this journey correctly.

This is the items I have now, I do not officially have a dance bag, that one can wait. What’s in your dance bag?




Side note, I got items off of

awesome prices!


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