First blog post – April 2016

Hello World! I am Gods Dance Girl! I look younger than I am but feel much older then I am. Nonetheless I am on a new journey in my life, I am dancing for the Lord.

Okay let us back up a bit. I am not new new to dancing. So do not think oh my this could be really crappy or really scary. No I have a foundation in ballet but it was mostly to support my competitive gymnastics years and then some hip hop to help my competitive cheerleading years. I was pretty good in both sports, but nothing special or famous. But I absolutely loved the hard work and fun of the competition and challenge.

But then I got old, settled down, had a couple kids and became this awesome thing called an adult. . .right? Haha We usually it is pretty cool, but a lot of the times it is full of trials and struggles, tough decisions and heart ache. Then you kind of get whacked in the head with a few huge bricks (metaphor for really bad stuff happening) and while laying flat on your back; you look up. That my friends is when I really met God. The trials where real. I was penniless, pregnant with kiddo numero 2/taking care of a wild (but loving) two year old, jobless, and also dealing with chronic pain/fatigue of Fibromyalgia. Why so low? Well my husband had abandoned me unexpectedly and I had been a stay at home mom.

But enough of the low sad part of the story. Here begins a new chapter. One I am beyond thrilled to be writing right now and I have no idea where it is even going to go!



I am dancing for the Lord!


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